Committee Structure

Departmental Personnel Committee (DPC)

The DPC of the Department of Philosophy and Religion consists of four voting members with two alternates plus the chair of the department. The chair of the department presides over DPC meetings as a non-voting member. If possible, the department maintains a ratio of three tenured faculty members to one non-tenured faculty member among voting members of the DPC. When possible, one of the alternates is tenured and one non-tenured, and the three-one ratio is maintained for votes if possible. DPC members are elected by departmental vote during the first departmental meeting of the academic year and serve for one calendar year until a new DPC is elected.

Curriculum Committee

The CC periodically reviews the curriculum as a whole and makes recommendations pertinent to the mission of the department. The CC also reviews all curricular changes before bringing them before the department for action.

Advising Committee

The Advising Committee coordinates advising responsibilities of departmental faculty and oversees the advising of majors in the department. The committee is responsible for representing the department during orientation and to the Dean’s office on advising issues.

Professional Development Committee

The PDC is responsible for reviewing departmental criteria for promotion, tenure, merit awards, and other professional development issues. The committee will bring new policy to the department for consideration.

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is responsible for reviewing assessment procedures for curricula, programs, major credentials, and other factors pertinent to the mission of the department. The Assessment Committee is responsible for carrying out assessment procedures.

Honors Committee

The Honors Committee coordinates departmental honors courses and student theses. The committee promotes the departmental honors program and serves as liaison to the University Honors Program.

Paper Award Committee/Scholarship Committee

The committee judges papers submitted to the contest and makes awards (monetary if funding is available). If funding is available to offer a departmental scholarship (The Charles Thomas Davis Scholarship), the committee is responsible for advertising and judging the credentials for scholarship award.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee constructs 5-year and long-range plans and submits them to the department chair. The planning committee often serves in an advisory role to the curriculum committee, the PDC, and other committees where appropriate.

Peer Review Committee

The PRC coordinates the periodic review of all teaching faculty based on the required intervals specified by the Faculty Handbook.