Meet our Majors

Meet some of our current and recently graduated majors and learn why they chose to major in philosophy and religion at Appalachian. Click on the studen's name to read about them.



Kayleigh Conley

Meet Kayleigh Conley, a recent philosophy major from Pinehurst, North Carolina.

"One thing I heavily value about our Philosophy Department here at Appalachian State is the close connections you form with your fellow students and professors."




Amber Herendeen

Meet Amber Herendeen, a current philosophy major from New York.

"In the two years I have been studying philosophy, I have learned so much about myself and the world around me."




Girard Katz

Meet Girard Katz, a current philosophy major in the department.

"The philosophy department at Appalachian State is filled with the most knowledgeable and incredible professors I have ever gotten to work with."



Carly GoodmanMeet Carly Goodman, a recent philosophy major graduate from Charlotte, North Carolina.

"What began as simply a requirement became a life-changing course, and that very semester I changed my major to philosophy." 




Caroline WoodMeet Caroline Wood, a recent philosophy major from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

"Studying philosophy in itself is inspiring because it has provided me a space in which I can explore and indulge in my own curiosities."

Haley ChuorMeet Haley Chuor, a recent religious studies major from Salisbury, North Carolina.

"I'm excited to see religion in this age of mass communication and technology and where it can and cannot continue to take us."