Dr. Kevin Schilbrack

Recent Publications

  • "Religious Practices and the Formation of Subjects," in David Eckel, ed., The Future of Philosophy of Religion(Dordrecht: Springer, in press).
  • "Embodied Moral Knowledge," in William Schweiker, ed., The Encyclopedia of Religious Ethics (Wiley, in press; November 2018).
  • "A Better Methodological Naturalism," in Jason Blum, ed., The Question of Methodological Naturalism (Brill, in press; March 2018).
  • "Imagining 'Religion' in Antiquity: A How To," in Nickolas Roubekas, ed., Theorizing 'Religion' in Antiquity(Equinox, in press: February 2018).
  • "Interpretation in the Academic Study of Religion" and "A Reply to Critics," in Brad Stoddard, ed., Method Today: Redescribing Approaches to the Study of Religion (Equinox, 2017).
  • "Mathematics and the Definitions of Religion," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 81:4 (December 2017).
  • "A Realist Social Ontology of Religion," Religion 47:2 (March 2017): 161-78.