Welcome to the Department of Philosophy and Religion!

We invite you to explore our world, examine beliefs, understand a diversity of world views, and challenge the ideas and values that instruct our lives.

Whether you take one class, pursue a major in our department, or stop by for a chat, you will find that philosophical & religious dialogue is stimulating and thought provoking.  Human beings have asked philosophical and religious questions throughout recorded history, and such questions lie at the heart of what it means to be human. By pursuing knowledge in this department, you will be participating in value inquiry and the search for meaning that motivates human beings and that characterizes human culture.

In our contemporary world where so much conflict and human misery stems from religious and philosophical bases to politics, we can no longer afford to remain uninformed about the world's diversity of philosophical and religious perspectives. Come join us in our attempt to learn more about human communities, hopes, and aspirations.

The thinking and communication skills acquired through an undergraduate degree in Philosophy & Religion are important in all career pursuits and appeal to a variety of employers or may be used as a further specialized study. Some graduates have gone on to complete advanced degrees in philosophy, divinity, law, religious studies, education, history, and psychology. 

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The Department of Philosophy and Religion is searching to fill two vacancies. Both of these positions are for non-tenure-track Visiting Assistant Professors in Philosophy. The details for each of the positions can be found by following the two links below. Applicants who wish to apply for both positions must submit two separate applications for each.

AOS: Medical Ethics

AOS: Postcolonial/Decolonial Theories

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