Textbook Rentals

In compliance with Appalachian State University's textbook rental policy, the Philosophy and Religion Department will abide by the following selection procedure regarding rental texts in Philosophy and Religious Studies courses:

  • All 1000 and 2000 level courses will adopt at least one rental text per course. If the course has multiple sections, each instructor of record reserves the right to make his or her own choice regarding which text will be placed on the rental system. Likewise, if a particular course rotates among faculty, once again each instructor of record may place on the rental system a text of his or her own choosing.

Exceptions: honors sections, selected topics courses, sections of courses with required texts available on-line at no cost, and on-demand courses need not use the rental system.

  • At the 3000 level and above, the utilization of the rental system is at the discretion of the instructor of record.
  • All instructors at all levels reserve the right to require additional texts to be purchased by the student.