Performance of one's basic professional duties as a member of the Philosophy and Religion Department is defined by:

  1. The features of teaching specified in the Teaching Document, Section I;
  2. The items marked by an asterisk in the Scholarship Document, Section II; and
  3. The basic service statement found in the Service Document, Section I.

Merit performance must exceed the basic professional duties. In order to make a case for merit in any area, a faculty member must submit a one to two page bulleted-item summary of accomplishments that are entered in the current annual report and which are extracted from the annual reports of the two previous years. The faculty member must be prepared to submit documentation which is appropriate to support the claims for merit, if it is not included in the annual report. The performance record and the claims for merit will be evaluated by the Chair in the context of a three-year composite profile of performance. Upon consideration of all three areas of Teaching, Scholarship, and Service, the chair will rank the overall achievement of each faculty member as Inadequate, Adequate, Commendable, or Exceptional, with Commendable and Exceptional performance regarded as degrees of merit.