Religious Studies Major

The Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies requires a minimum of 120 total semester hours for the degree. The distribution of credit hours is as follows: 44 hours in General Education; 6 hours in a foreign language at the intermediate level; 36 hours in Religious Studies courses, 18 of which must be at the 3000 level or above; 12 to 21 hours in a minor field of study; and 15 to 24 hours in free electives, 2 of which must be outside of Religious Studies.

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For the Religious Studies major, students are to select from the following courses:

One Introductory Course

Introduction to Religion and Literature (1010), Religion and Contemporary Issues (1100), Religions of the World (1110)

One Course on Abrahamic Religions

Old Testament: The Jewish Scriptures (2010), New Testament (2020), Islamic Literature (2030), Judaism (2110), Christianity (2120), Islam (2130).

One Course on Non-Western Religions

Hinduism (2140), Buddhism (2150), Daoism (2160), The Confucian Way (2170), African Thought (3120).

One Course on Methods

Research and Methodology in Religious Studies (3700), Nature of Religion (3710), Nature-Oriented Religions (3730), Religion and Social Theory (3740), Minds, Brain, and Religion (3750), Religion and Reason (3760), Bibilical Interpretation (4015).

Religious Studies Electives totaling 21 Credit Hours

See our Course Descriptions for a complete listing.