Philosophy Major

The major in Philosophy requires a minimum of 122 total semester hours for the degree. A minor is also required. In addition to the core curriculum and requirements for the major and minor, electives must be taken to meet the total required minimum hours. Two semester hours of free electives outside the major discipline are also required.

A major in Philosophy leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree consists of 36 semester hours in the department, including the following: 

A. Core Philosophy Courses (15 semester hours)

Each of the following are required:

PHL 1100 _____ (3) Logic I

PHL 3000 _____ (3) Ancient Philosophy

PHL 3200 _____ (3) Modern Philosophy

Choose one [Writing in the Discipline] Course:

PHL 3300 _____ (3) A Critique of Worldmaking

PHL 3400 _____ (3) Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Choose one Capstone Experience:

PHL 4700 _____ (3) Senior Research: Philosophy

HON 4010 _____ (3) Senior Honors Thesis

B. Stream Philosophy Requirements (9 semester hours)

Choose one: Ethics

PHL 2000 _____ (3) Philosophy, Society, and Ethics

PHL 2015 _____ (3) Environmental Ethics

PHL 3015 _____ (3) Medical Ethics

PHL 4300 _____ (3) Ethical Theory

Choose one: Metaphysics and Epistemology

PHL 2100 _____ (3) Logic II

PHL 3020 _____ (3) Metaphysics

PHL 3550 _____ (3) Philosophy of Mind

PHL 3600 _____ (3) Philosophy of Science

PHL 4000 _____ (3) Nature of Knowledge

Choose one: Art, Identities, and Politics

PHL 2013 _____ (3) Philosophy of Art

PHL 3013 _____ (3) Philosophical Aesthetics

PHL 3030 _____ (3) Feminist Philosophy

PHL 3040 _____ (3) Social and Political Philosophy

PHL 3050 _____ (3) Philosophy of Race 

C. Philosophy electives (12 semester hours required)

A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree may count no more than 40 hours above core curriculum requirements in Philosophy.

To earn the Bachelor of Arts degree a student must complete 6 hours of the second year of a foreign language or higher.

A student majoring or minoring in the department must obtain credit for one course in literature outside the department. If a student has satisfied the core curriculum requirement of one course in literature by taking one or more courses in religion counting towards this requirement, she or he will be allowed to count them toward the major, but must obtain additional credit in literature equal to that counted toward the major.